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Brown Sugar Surfcamp

Bali Picture Galery

Bali - The Answer to Surfers Paradise

Bali, the tropical island with its unique lifestyle and relaxed atmosphere. Here you find worldclass surfspots right next to ancient temples and picture perfect landscapes, such as rainforrests, beautiful ricefields and balinese architecture.
We chose the location for the Brown Sugar Surf Camp on this godblessed island. We aimed for uncrowded surfspots in the neighbourhood and Medewi is what we have found:

  • The longest Lefthander in Indonesia, one of the longest in the world
  • Reef- and Beachbreakes like Truckstop, Irons, Balian ...
  • Uncrowded Line-Ups throughout the year
  • Dozens of unridden Secret Spots
  • No need for Neopren - Boardshort Time
Right in front of the Camp is the Brown Sugar Beachbreak which can get Barrels on a perfect day, on the other days most of our Beginner Courses take place on our Home Beach.

Indonesia is one of the biggest muslim countries in the World, although Bali has held on to his Hindu roots, 96% of the inhabitants are Hindus, the rest are Christians, Muslims, Buddhist or Surfers. You find yourself surrounded by smiling and friendly people, which answer every question you might have in their unique english. The Balinese are very proud of their Hindu Temples, which are the most divine and holy places for them. You can visit these temples on any day. If you are interested we will find out when the next famous templedance or ceremony takes place.

You hear a lot about tropical diseases like Dengue Fever and Malaria. Fact is that they happen very rarely and mostly when you are too careless while traveling. In Bali the risk of getting Malaria is very low, the risk of rabies is much higher. We recommend an anti-rabies inoculation. Our suggestion is to contact your local doctor or medical centre to discuss any prescription for your journey. Mosquitos mostly come out at night when you sleep. At our Brown Sugar Camp you sleep under a safe Mosquitonet to avoid any hassle caused by these annoying little creatures.

Last but not Leash some of Balis remarkable facts:

  • in Bali you drive on the left side
  • the left Hand occurs to be the bad/dirty one, so always use the right hand
  • if you bargain hard, you pay way less than if you accept the first offer - except in supermarkets and surfcamps ;)
  • come with less luggage and clothes, you will be returning with filled suitcases, as the prices for clothings are sooo cheap
  • the only thing thats more expensive over here is sunscreen, so prepare yourself with some stocks
  • leave your wetsuit at home, the average watertemperature is 28 Celsius! Boardshort´s enough :)

So explore with us this amazing Surfers Paradise,
The Brown Sugar Team

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